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My work on this project

is complete! All 50 paintings were completed, and in 2017 a new group of artists participated. If you're interested in purchasing a share, visit


In 2016 I received a grant from the Massachusetts Cultural Council to create a body of work for an Art Share project promoted by the Cambridge Arts Council. After many months of work, I produced, packaged and created marketing materials for 50 paintings for the share.


"Cambridge Arts Council presents Community Supported Art, an award-winning program that operates much like an agricultural CSA share – with a clever twist! Instead of enjoying a harvest share of farm vegetables, Community Supported Art provides an opportunity to directly support local artists by purchasing a share of original artwork made by a neighbor, friend and member of the Cambridge community. Participating artists are hard at work on an exciting new crop of artworks."


I was selected, along with eight other talented artists, to create art that you can purchase as part of a 'share' of art ready to display in your home. It's a great way to start an art collection and it makes a unique gift idea and each year the collection and artists involved expands. In 2017 an entirely new group of artists participated and the work was exceptional.

You can learn more about the program and all the details by visiting:

You can follow my journey viewing the slideshow below where I documented my process. Don't forget to visit my Facebook page: Janet Malenfant, Artist.

Community Supported Art

Welcome to my studio

This is my Summer Studio in Narragansett, Rhode Island where I began my work on the CSA Project. 

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